Benefits of spices

Please see below the benefits of spices that are used in our daily prepared food. The use of herbs and spices has been incredibly important throughout history. Many were celebrated for their medicinal properties, well before culinary use. Modern science has now shown that many of them do indeed carry remarkable health benefits.


  • Cumin aids in digestion and improves immunity. It is an excellent source of iron and manganese. One tsp. of cumin seeds provides 20% of daily iron requirements.

Ajwain (carom seeds)

  • Improves digestion. It is good for common colds, acidity, asthma, and arthritis. Ajwain contains good source of fiber, minerals vitamins, and essential oils such as thymol.


  • Helps balance blood sugar levels. and reduces cholesterol level also regulates heavy bleeding during period it also controls menstrual cramp. Fenugreek contains iron, thiamin, B6, magnesium, manganese, copper protein, and is a good source of fiber.

Mustard Seeds

  • These are the good source of B vitamins such as folates, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine (vitaminB-6), pantothenic acid. It also contains small amount of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A,C.E, K,  and Iron. Calcium, manganese, copper and zinc.

Coriander seeds

  • It Contains vitamins K, C And A an good source of minerals like  potassium, calcium iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc it prevents Anemia.


  • One of the healthiest spice.  It relieves arthritis and if you apply on wound it will heal faster.  Also, controls diabetes, reduces cholesterol levels, if you drink it in warm milk it will boost your immune system.  Known to help prevent prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Also, has a cooling property for the body . It contains good amount of fiber and iron.  In India they chew cardamom after each meal as breathe freshener and for proper digestion.  It helps to detoxify the body, and it reduces blood pressure and blood clots. Cardamom inhibits the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold. It improves blood circulation.


  • It contains some amount iodine and vitamin C  which will help to improve your immune system it also  Improves Cholesterol Levels and lowers high blood pressure it  Helps to  Detoxify Heavy Metals from the Body it also cures ear infection.


  • Has many benefits; it will reduce toothache by applying clove oil to your tooth and gum.  If you apply clove oil to sore muscles it will reduce inflammation it provides aid in digestion also helps boosting the immune system, it prevents diabetes.

Fennel seeds

  • Contains vitamins like vitamin C, calcium and B3. Has a cooling property for the body. It is very good for digestion. In India they use for mouth freshener.


  • Helps to reduce weight, it reduces inflammation from body. Some studies found that ginger helps to fight ovarian cancer cells. Ginger is mostly used to motion sickness, upset stomach, gas and for loss of appetite. It helps to reduce arthritis pain and menstrual cramps. It is good for common cold.


  • Is a good source for digestion.

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