Best Home Remedies for Common Infections

We all get some kind of infection, it could be cough, fever or anything else. Please see below our best home remedies for common infections.


  • Use honey to gargle
  • Use salt to gargle

Ear Infection/Ear Ache

  • Take one clove of garlic, saute it in oil, and put one or two drops in each ear.

To Improve Hearing

  • You can improve your hearing by putting white onion juice in ears 2 drops twice a day.


  • Boil onion in water and drink it in the morning or any time in the day
  • Take 1/2 tsp. of turmeric in warm milk
  • In a small medicine cup (about 30 ml), mix a pinch of turmeric, tulsi powder, sprinkle of salt (Himalayan Salt) and pepper with water and drink 2-3 times a day.


  • Drink salt water three times a day and/or
  • Boil 10 leaves of mint and 1 inch of ginger in one cup of water and drink it.


  • Soak fenugreek seeds in 1 cup of water overnight drink water in the morning
  • Tulsi (Holy basil) are packed with antioxidants, take up to seven leaves every morning on an empty stomach to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Regular intake of amla (Indian gooseberry) in to your diet will reduce glucose levels.


  • Take cardamom powder and warm it on the stove for a few minutes to roast on low heat.
  • Take ¼ tsp. as needed. For most people, will work after first dose.

For Colds

To help soothe a sore throat and for cough relief make this tea:

In a pot add a half inch of ginger root (cut into small pieces), 4 cloves, 12 black peppercorns, a pinch of Himalayan salt, a half inch of a cinnamon stick, and add 8 to 10 ounces of water. Heat this mixture until it boils then let it simmer on a low flame for 10 to 15 minutes.
While that mixture simmers, in a cup or mug add 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice and 1/8 teaspoon turmeric.  Once the other liquids have simmered for 10-15 minutes strain into this cup or mug, mix it all together and enjoy.

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