Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils have been used for more than 5,000 years for natural remedies for various conditions and also to improve the health of skin, hair and body, or to make DIY recipes. Learn about the top 101 essential oils uses as well as many essential oil benefits.

Coconut oil

  • Has so many benefits your can use as moisturizer for dry skin, eczema, dry hair also for makeup remover and it’s very good remedies for dandruff. Coconut oil has cooling properties has good source of vitamin E. by taking ½ tsp every day improves your thyroid function.

Tea tree oil

  • Helps to prevent lice naturally, it also cures skin infection and fungus. Best to dilute in water before applying.

Kalonji oil

  • Kalonji oil has many healing power. It helps with cardiac problems, eczema, diabetes, hypertension, nausea.  Also help prevents hair lost and dandruff. Very effective on joint pain.

Oil of oregano

  • Oil of oregano can be taken orally in the treatment of cold and flu, allergies and sinus pain or for common cold. One can apply on the soles of the feet, then put on warm socks.
  • Stuffy nose: apply a tiny bit on the upper lip, under the nose. Make sure the oil doesn’t touch any bruised skin.
  • Dry and irritating coughs: rub on the chest and back, cover with a warm towel
  • Neck spasm, sore muscles: great for when you just can’t turn your head around, just rub it on and cover with some soft scarf or shawl
  • Joint pain: rub on the joint
  • Tooth problems: add 1-2 drops of oregano oil to a tablespoon of olive/sesame/coconut oil, and do oil pulling
  • If you make your own toothpaste, put some drops of oregano oil in it
  • Sore throat: rub the neck and cover.

Sesame oil 

  • Contains some source of protein, zinc and magnesium.  Is a good for hair oil treatment helps to reduce hair fall and improves damage hair. Applying to your body will reduce inflammation and joint pain. It is also good for oil pulling it will reduce plaque and whiten teeth.

Avocado oil

  • Contains a vitamins like E, A and D also contains proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a good for facial moisturizer helps to reduce the appearance of brown spots on face. It has UV protection. It’s good for dry skin and dry scalp.

Castor oil

  • Apply castor oil to your hair to nourish hair roots and stimulate blood circulation of scalp which can help with controlling hair fall. It helps moisturize dry hair. You can apply to your eyebrow for thicker and fuller eyebrow. You can massage castor oil for joint pain will give you a relief. Castor oil is cure for constipation mix a teaspoon of edible castor oil into any juice will keep your bowel movements working regularly.

Almond oil

  • Contains a good amount of vitamin E and D which is nourishing for skin care. It soothes the dry skin and cures eczema. Some study shows by applying the almond oil to scalp will sharpen your memory. You can also use almond oil as sun screen. Because it contains vitamin E it’s very good for massaging infants.

Vitamin E oil

  • Helps moisturize hair and skin. Can replace your moisturizer with vitamin e oil.  You can also take edible vitamin E oil/capsules orally for hair growth. Rubbing around the eye will help lessen dark circles.

Mustard oil

  • Mustard oil is very good to be used during winter months since this oil will keep your body warn. It will improve the blood circulation of the body.  Also you can put 1-2 drops of mustard oil in your nose for a stuffy nose.

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