Home Remedies for Eyes

Dry, Puffy or Itchy eyes can be very uncomfortable and concerning. We are committed to bring you the best home remedies for eyes. Read Below:

  • Applying castor oil to your eyebrows every night will make your eyebrows grew thicker
  • For burning eye take ½ tsp. of cumin powder every morning, which will help, cool down your eyes and close your eyes and splash cold water over the eyes.  Water will cool down your eyes immediately
  • For dry, puffy, or itchy eyes apply clarified butter (ghee) around your eyes to hydrate your eyes. To enhance the effects, you can boil the clarified butter (ghee) then apply to the eyes once it is cool enough to apply.
  • In old days, to improve vision, you take your spit before brushing your teeth and put it in your eye as if putting on eyeliner. This can help those who wear prescription glasses. It also helps with any eye ailments.  Also, applying boiled ghee on top of your eyelids every night before you go to sleep can help with your vision.
  • Triphala has been recommended to improve eyesight, Mix triphala powder with ½ glass of water leave it overnight. Wash your eyes with this water to improve your eyesight overtime.
  • Boilded ghee has been recommended to improve eyesight over time. Rub some of the boiled ghee over you eyelids once a day.
  • To thicken eyebrows, rub castor oil on them or once a day.

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