Natural Infant Care

Use natural infant care to build a strong bond with your baby at birth and far beyond.

  • Message with oil after 1 month, put ghee on to baby’s belly button cord so it can dry and makes it fall easily
  • It is good idea to keep the baby cord (old time, it was used as a medicine). You can put hing (asafetida) on belly button to release the gas (pinch of hing (asafoetida)and 2-3 drops water
  •  Mother
    • Continue eating methipak 1 one-inch square piece daily
    • Drink seva (dill) water 4oz 2 to 3 times (see recipe)
    • Eat raab once a day (see recipe)
    • Continue drinking saffron milk

Gas in Infants

  • Asafoetida’s (hing) paste around baby’s belly button releases gas.

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