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Health Benefits of Keeping Healthy Teeth and Mouth

Keeping good care of your teeth and mouth through your life can help prevent certain problem growing up. Brushing and flossing and seeing the dentist everyday can help you in long run.

A healthy mouth is more important than you might think. Everyday, we use our mouth for several reasons which includes but not limited to eat, smile, speak and much more. If your mouth is not clean it can affect our all health of all the things listed before.


How to Keep Teeth and Mouth Healthy and Clean using Oil Pulling?

  • Oil pulling is a method used to remove bacteria and plaque from your mouth.
  • Also, Oil pulling is basically, rinsing your mouth with the oil, just like you would with a mouthwash.
  • It (Oil Pulling) can be done any time of the day.
  • Take about one tablespoon of oil and swish it around the mouth.
  • Start with five minutes and go up to 20 minutes and spit out the oil.
  • Brush your teeth after oil pulling.
  • Oil pulling can be done with any oil but coconut oil is preferable.

Things to consider to Keep your Teeth and Mouth Healthy:

  • Cavities : Cavities are caused by tooth decay.
  • Gum Diseased: That is caused by plaque on your teeth.
  • Oral Cancer: Smoking, tobacco and alcohol can increase your chance of mouth Cancer.

See a Doctor if you feel:

If you have teeth or mouth pain, do not ignore it. See a doctor or a dentist. The longer you wait, the worse it could be for your mouth. You should also see your dentist twice a year to get your teeth cleaned. If your dentist diagnoses you with gum disease, share this diagnosis with your medical doctor.

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