Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

Winter has set in and the ‘not so unkind ‘ cold wind has started blowing. It is time for you to recall your well learnt lessons in winter wellness.

Winter Wellness Tips

Keep Your Home Warm

  • Keep the room temperature at a comfortable 65F. If for some reason that is not possible and the rooms are cold then put on warm clothes to maintain the body temperature .
  • See that your windows are properly closed and sealed to prevent any warm air leaks.
  • Check your attic for proper insulation so that you may prevent warm air from rising into it.
  • Keep your driveway and sidewalks clear. Don’t let snow harden into ice in these areas .Shovel frequently and spread sandbox sand on ice to prevent slipperiness.
  • Check water and gas pipelines for proper insulation. Inspect all joints and seal any open joints.

Winter Wellness - Shoveling Snow

Avoid Getting Dehydrated

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water in a day. You may not like the idea because you are already drinking many cups of coffee and tea throughout the day . The point to remember is that these drinks contain caffeine which tends to draw water out of your body. So relying on tea and coffee only may well dehydrate your body.

Remain Physically Active

  • It may not be possible for you to visit your gym regularly. You may also not feel like braving it out in cold weather for your routine physical activity. No problem. Do it at home. Buy a treadmill.
  • If you can’t ,do your aerobics in place. The idea is to sit less and move more. Don’t forget to do some strength training and stretching. Exercise will take the winter blues out of you and make you feel a lot better.

Sleep Well

  • Take 8 hours sleep every night. More sleep will improve your immunity against winter colds.

Keep The Winter Colds & Flu Out

  • Fruit & Vegetables that are rich in Vitamin CTake Vitamins C and D to bolster your immune system. Better immunity will help your body keep flu and cold at a decent distance. It will also help you resist pneumonia .
  • Get a flu shot. It will reduce your risk of catching flu.
  • Take Rest If You Catch A Cold
  • Don’t act brave and go out at all cost
  • Stay at home and take complete rest
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid handshaking, kissing or hugging
  • Take proper diet
  • Avoid anything that gives you stress
  • Visit your GP if you think you aren’t recovering

Take Good Care Of Your Skin

  • Keep your skin soft. Moisturize it as often as you can. Dry and cracked skin plays host to a number of skin infections.
  • Keep your feet clean. Wash them regularly and wear fresh socks ever so often.

Take A Balanced Diet

  • Load your diet with fruits and vegetables. The carbs, vitamins and minerals in them will give you the resistance against many diseases. They will also lift your mood and may help you in keeping out SAD (seasonal affective disorder ).
  • Eat eggs, fish , poultry and dairy along with fruits and veggies it make your diet completely balanced.

Stay Warm When Outside

  • Layer yourself up when you are going out. Wear the thinnest inside and work it up to the thickest as the outer most.
  • To avoid falling sick, wear a woolen headgear . Wool is a good insulator against cold but only if it is dry. So don’t let your hat, cap or whatever, get wet.
  • Don’t also forget to keep you neck warm with a woolen scarf. It will also help prevent cold air from leaking into your shirt.

Bottom line for Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness Stay HappyDon’t let winter dampen your spirits and stop you from performing your normal activities. Prepare well ahead to take all precautionary measures against the winter cold. Take Good care of your diet and your personal health. Keep following the Winter Wellness tips to stay warm & safe . Keep smiling

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